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Welcome to my blog! My name is Charlie Hollinger, and I am a senior English major at the University of Florida.

This blog is a project for the class LIT 3400 Internet Literature, at the University of Florida, Spring 2009. For this project, we were asked to read Italo Calvino’s book, Six Memos for the Next Millennium, and analyze and interpret it from our own point of view, and apply it to the emerging literary form, electronic literature.

What is electronic literature? I would describe it as any literature that requires an electronic interface to view or experience. Because of the options provided by the electronic medium, E-Lit can take almost any form. Due to its shape-shifting quality, an advanced form of literacy is required to view and traverse E-Lit, which Professor Gregory Ulmer calls “electracy.” For the purposes of this project however, we will be using E-Lit that is located on the internet. In addition to studying Italo Calvino’s book, we also studied a newer text, Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the Literary by N. Katherine Hayles.

In Calvino’s book, he writes an essay on literary criticism for five of the six qualities he deemed fundamental to great literature: Lightness, Quickness, Exactitude, Visibility, and Multiplicity. The sixth, Consistency, was not finished before his death in 1985. However, the five essays he finished detailed the qualities using metaphor, appropriate analogies, emblems (visual representations of the trait), and examples of authors and fables from literature. This project is devoted to my interpretation of his Memos, and how certain works of electronic literature exemplify those traits. While Calvino’s book was dedicated to the study and criticism of literature, the focus of this project is to apply his rhetoric to the new medium of electronic literature.

The project is divided into two parts.

Part One is an analysis of Calvino’s Memos and how they apply to electronic literature, using N. Katherine Hayles’ book as a reference for analysis. Categories 1-5 at the bottom of the page are archives of the posts that document Calvinos Memos in relation to e-lit and literature. Continue to my Aesthetic page here, or you may skip to the Memos page here.

Part Two is a focused on analysis on a specific work of print literature, and an attempt to create a brand identity for that work by applying principles from the book Decoding Design by Maggie Macnab. Categories A-E are archives of posts for Part Two. Continue to the introduction to the text here.