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For our project, we were also asked to describe a personal aesthetic that we deem appropriate for literature and writing, one that adds a personal flair. For my personal aesthetic, I chose a theme of transcendence, which WordNet defines as “the state of excelling or surpassing or going beyond usual limits.” The usual association for this term is one of spiritual enlightenment, but I like to think of it as pertaining to mental and physical improvement as well. It’s a term that is defined by the notion of self-improvement in all aspects of life, whether it be going beyond limits, widening the mind, spiritual enlightenment, physical prowess, improving a skill, or overcoming and correcting personal flaws.

For this aesthetic, I have chosen the Big Bang as my emblem. It represents the beginning of life and a universe (literally) of possibilities as life seeks to evolve, adapt, and improve itself for the rest of time.

Transcendence in any aspect of life is a daunting and ambitious goal, and for this reason I chose it as my aesthetic. I think exceptional writing should transcend the normal boundaries of the present, and challenge our minds and spirits by teaching or opening them to new experiences and ways of thinking. Ask any person who their favorite author is, and I’m willing to bet that author changed the person’s life in some way through writing. I believe that phenomenon is one of the main reasons great literature exists.

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