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For the final logo, I chose a theme of chess. Because much of the book revolves around strategy, and thinking in (literally) new directions, the subject of the logo is a Chess king. The king is upside down as a reference to Ender’s strategy motto, “the enemy gate is down.” A prevailing theme of the book was to approach problems in new directions, and finding ways to compensate for fighting in zero gravity. Point of reference was a big part of the book’s themes, hence Ender’s motto.

Another interpretation of the emblem might be the way in which the king is positioned. In Chess, when the king is turned over, it means defeat. However, in space there is no up or down, so the king pointing down from our point of view is actually pointing up from another direction. Tactically, this could be seen as a feint; it’s not uncommon for an army to fake defeat and then ambush the enemy, turning the tide.

The white king is on a black background to symbolize not only Chess in the weightless vastness of space, but also the white king as Ender, the pure Christ-figure in a sea of darkness. Being the savior of humanity, and being a natural leader and kind soul, Ender has an obvious symbolism to Christ. I chose only the king for this picture because for much of the book, Ender feels alone. Like the king, he can’t really do much on his own, and he requires an army to lead. But the king is always alone, being the only piece that cannot be captured. The Chess king alone in space is my ideal representation of Ender, and thus, the novel Ender’s Game.


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