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Welcome to the Learning Screen. What is the Learning Screen, you ask? It’s the computer equivalent of the research paper. The Learning Screen is the very discourse you subject yourself to whenever you are on the internet. It is the transfer of information electronically to you, just as you would read in print. Instead of reading drops of chemical on paper and absorbing information, you are viewing pixels on an electronic screen. The brain’s cognitive ability to assemble symbols and then interpret them is the very reason you are able to read what I have written!

The Learning Screen functions similarly to the print research paper, but it has a few key differences. The first, as I may have mentioned elsewhere on my blog, is that the Learning Screen requires a degree of “electracy” to peruse, as opposed to literacy in print. Despite requiring more dexterity to manipulate, the Learning Screen has so many more options available to it than does print literature. The electronic medium can create a much more immersive experience for the reader, which is probably the most important factor in any discourse. It can create experiences that are more visual, aural, animated, or interactive than print literature can. It also has a trait of non-linearity: the pages of the Learning Screen can be read in any order.

The aim of my use of the Learning Screen here is to analyze Ender’s Game and create a visual brand identity for it. You, the reader, will be the one who determines the success of the experiment.

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