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endersgamecoverPart Two
The text I chose to create a brand identity for is the science fiction novel Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. It is one of my favorite novels of all time, and probably the first that really got me interested in science fiction literature.

Ender’s Game takes place in the near future, as humanity is not only struggling under the weight of global politics, but an interplanetary war with an hive-like insectoid race called the Formics, or “Buggers.” To gain an edge in the wars, a politically-neutral organization recruits genius children from all over the world and brings them to an orbital space station called Battle School, where they will competitively hone their minds in an attempt to lead humanity to victory against the Formics. The children are put onto teams where they study and compete in a game of zero-gravity laser tag, and their teams are scored to determine who is superior.

Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, the series protagonist, is the smartest child on the planet, and he quickly rises to the top of the ranks of Battle School and is sent off to Command School. What Ender doesn’t know is that his simulations in Command School are the real battles the human fleet is fighting with the Formics. In the final battle, Ender destroys the Formic home planet. When it is revealed to him that the battles were real, and Ender realizes the weight of eradicating the entire Formic race on his shoulders, he goes into a coma. When he awakes, he is forced to leave Earth for the colonies, as the bitter politics on Earth would put his life in danger because each hegemon would try to take him as a military resource.

Despite winning the Hugo and Nebula awards in science fiction, Ender’s Game has never been made into a film or video game, and it doesn’t have very much visual recognition to go with it. This is why I thought it would be a suitable choice for the creation of a brand identity. A book this good deserves more visual recognition.

The following links will take you to an analysis of each of Calvino’s Memos within Ender’s Game.

A. Light

B. Quick

C. Exact

D. Visible

E. Multiple

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